The AEGis Boost Pod Mod vaporizer Review

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The new Vandy Vaportek AEGis B Series Pod Mod will surely change your ordinary vaporizer experience. With the innovative features and great performance that this model has, a lot of vapors have already sworn to buy it. The new Vandy Vapor Gear Pod Mod comes with a powerful processor. It can produce a cool vapor every time. With the use of this mod, you can now have a lot of fun in having a vapid session with your friends. This is the best kind of Pax or a Smartpen for an affordable price tag.

aegis boost pod mod

The new Vandy Vaportek AEGis B Series Pod Mod comes with a pre-installed 0.4ohm coil. Unlike other pre-installed coils, this one is pre-installed in a separate piece inside the box mod. The AEGis Boost‘s processor is able to produce a cooler and warmer vapor each time. These vapors are consistently strong so there’s no worry about running out of flavor during your sessions.

One thing good about the AEGis Boost Pro is that its wattage can adjust as you go through your sessions. This is why it can be used in any setting and situation. You can adjust its wattage according to the level of intensity you want to generate. It has a maximum output level where it can be maximum powerful. On a downside, its maximum wattage may be a bit too low compared to other mod types. Its battery life is a bit short, so it may not be a good choice for prolonged sessions.

Another good feature of the Vandy Vaportek AEGis Boost is that it is compatible with most vandy of liquids including the famous Vandy Vaporizer Juice. Although it is a good design, it is a bit complicated for the layman to understand. It can only be used with the the liquid that has been produced by Vandy. If you want to use other liquids such as the Mad Vandy Blueberry Muffin or Mad Vandy Caramel Apple Flavor, then you will have problems with this mod.

However, if you want to get the most from your mod, then you might consider buying the Vandy AEGis Boost Pod Mod with an adjustable airflow dial. This dial allows you to set the temperature of the vaporizer to suit your needs. By increasing the wattage, it will take longer to heat up your coil. And thus, the battery life will last longer. However, it has a limited range, which may not be enough if you are using a vaporizer that produces a large amount of vapor.

The GeekVape AEGis Boost Pod Mod comes with a preinstalled charger and manual that provide some tips on the proper way of using it. The device also has a nice LED display which shows you the current wattage and the output power of your mod. There is a menu that lets you adjust the voltage and airflow. There is a mode button, which switches between the regular output power and the turbo output power. It also has a battery door which allows you to replace a dead battery easily. This battery door has a built in auto-lock function which ensures that the batteries are safely locked inside.

In the long run, the benefits of the AEGis Boost Pod Mod really outweigh the negatives. Although it lacks a lot of features compared to other similar vaporizers, it still has a lot to offer. For example, it has a very user-friendly interface and a lot of fun features. This vaporizer is perfect for gamers who wish to have the benefits of a vaporizer with a lot of advanced functions and are not willing to compromise on quality. The price of this vaporizer is slightly higher than the average ones but that can be paid back over a period of time with its many advantages. And, it is worth every penny to own one as it performs better than a lot of the competition.

When you use the Geekvape AEGis Boost Pod Mod, you will be able to produce a lot of vapor and at a higher wattage than a normal vaporizer. The lightweight design of the AEGi Boost Pod Mod is comfortable to carry around even when using it in your pocket. The only real disadvantage is that there is no temperature control because of the fact that there is no direct airflow while using this vaporizer. If you are a fan of advanced functions in a vaporizer, then the AEGis Boost Pod Mod may be the perfect vaporizer for you.

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