Wotofo PS Dual Mesh Coils – Why You Should Use Them

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Wotofo has been making outdoor heaters for years. The Wotofo Pro Warming Tent is an excellent model for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, however, it does not hold up to the treatment of extreme conditions. Wotofo has been testing the Wotofo Profile RDA Outdoor heater to see how it performs under all types of conditions. This Wotofo review will focus on the Wotofo Profile RDA outdoor heater’s ability to withstand condensation. In addition, we will look at the Wotofo Profile RDA’s efficiency, ease of use, and how it compares to other products in its price range.


The Wotofo Profile RDA, or Wotofo Profile Dual Mesh RDA 28.5 MM, features dual cyclone vented chambers. The chambers are situated on the top and bottom of the unit. The inner wall of the inner chamber is made out of a durable clear ABS material which is also beneficial for long term wear and tear. When the Wotofo Profile RDA was tested against the standard heating elements of the popular Squonkable product, it was found that the Wotofo RDA was more efficient when using a single-side drip pattern, while the Squonkable heated element could sustain a double-side drip pattern for greater effectiveness.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo’s advantage over squonkable products is that the mesh chamber allows for greater vapor compression. This means that you get better vapor production, and that you also get a much better taste and flavor from your e-juice. The Wotofo Profile RDA has a single cyclone heating system, which means that you get incredible flavorful vapors every time you use it. Wotofo claims that its single-sided cyclone design maintains even heating. The Wotofo Profile RDA can be used with the popular Squonkup collection of atomizers, and its easy draw allows you to have an easy time replacing the filters in these devices without disturbing the other ingredients inside.

The Squonkables e-juice can be enjoyed quickly and easily in a number of different ways. The most popular way is with the direct dripping method, which means that you fill up one of the jars with the Squonkables and place it into the other, without opening the other one. You can then gently infuse the juice into the bottle with the squonkable way flexible honeycomb side airflow system. When you want to remove the bottle without having to shake it completely, you can simply pull it off, but it must be done very gently. The powerful atomizer is what makes it so powerful: The Squonkables dual mesh area provides powerful flavor and vapor production.

The Wotofo dual mesh also features an adjustable side airflow system with a parallel deck as well as dual mesh body. The adjustable airflow control keeps flavors and vapor in for a longer period of time, while the parallel deck helps maximize countertop space by allowing the flavors to cascade from the base to the elevated portions of the countertop as well. The dual mesh body is especially useful because it allows you to serve beverages directly from the unit without having to create a dedicated cup holder as well.

Wotofo recommends that you replace their preinstalled mesh material with the specially designed silicone material, which has been specifically designed for the Wotofo cup and holder system. Silicone imparts a lot of heat resistant properties to the cup, and it will not feel like it is being burned when you are holding it in your hand. Wotofo’s standard dual square build deck offers two-way control, with the ability to tilt the cup from square to rectangular. The built deck also gives you the ability to flip it over in case you need to use the concentric channels for larger bottles or other types of liquids.

Another benefit of the Wotofo series is that the mesh can be replaced. Wotofo offers replacement mesh in a number of different sizes, including extra large (up to twenty-five inches), as well as small, medium, and extra small. While larger mesh is generally better for use with higher wattage juices, small, medium, and extra large mesh is good for use with any wattage range. Wotofo recommends using a high wattage mesh for flavoring a premade juice, or other concentrated beverage, since the small mesh may block some of the flavoring. However, the large and extra small mesh can be used for direct quenching of a premade concentrate blend.

A final advantage to the Wotofo PS dual mesh coils is their flexibility. Because there are so many different ways to utilize them, there isn’t a single shape that will suit everyone. This is because every person’s body is built completely differently and requires a unique style of coil to maximize their experience. Therefore, Wotofo looks at every possible configuration and makes a premade coil to fit everyone’s body. Even if a person chooses to go with a premade coil, the Wotofo mesh allows for a totally customized experience, and Wotofo continues to improve on their designs every year to ensure consumers get the highest quality coils available.

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