VOOPOO Mod vape cartridge taste evaluation

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1.Product design

Voopoo mod are available in three colors: solitary mirror black, dark blue gray and hot red. From the product design point of view, the surface of the VOOPOO Mod vape uses a matte process, which has a good texture.

2.Product consistency

Smoking consistency is an important indicator that affects the experience of vapes. It has a lot to do with the manufacturing process of the product. Due to the insufficient manufacturing process of some vape brands, the consistency of each batch of cartridges is low, which directly leads to the difference between the cartridges and the manufacturing process. The matching of the cigarettes is not tight enough, and the suction will leak in the worst cases, and the suction resistance of the cartridges will be inconsistent at the slightest. In order to optimize the experience, voopoo drag kit adopts CNC technology, the cutting parts of automatic machine tools are digitally controlled by computers, and the consistency of the products is precisely controlled. The combination of cigarette sticks and cartridges is also closer.

3.Mcwell FEELM atomizing core

Oil leakage is a common problem in the vape industry. In order to reduce the probability of oil leakage from the cartridge, the Voopoo team uses the FELM ceramic atomizing core structure provided by Mcwell, which is consistent with RELX. It should be pointed out that only Voopoo and RELX among domestic vape brands use McWell FEELN Xihua core. However, although Voopoo and relx use the same atomizing core device, in terms of smoking experience, Voopoo’s smoke output is larger than that of the relx generation, which is closer to real smoke. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mcwell is atomizing. The field of equipment has always been at the leading level in the industry, and even Philip Morris International, Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco and other giant companies also use its carburetor products. The FEELM technology atomization chamber can completely seal the components, while ensuring the degree of taste reduction, it also minimizes the problem of oil leakage. For the smoke bombs that have oil leakage, Voopoo also provides replacement services

4.The cartridge formula of Voopoo grapefruit e-cigarette

Voopoo’s cartridges are formulated with nicotine salt e-liquid. There are currently 12 flavors including fantasy black ice, jasmine, classic tobacco, mint, and mung bean. From the perspective of nicotine content, cigarettes with 3% nicotine content such as mung beans and jasmine have a weaker throat. For users who have just switched from traditional cigarettes, it is recommended to choose 5% nicotine-containing cigarettes. Among them, the jasmine flavor is unique to Voopoo, and the light jasmine tea fragrance can make the mouth full of fragrance. Users who love the fragrance of jasmine flowers are worth a try. In addition to classic tobacco, Mirage Black Ice is also a tobacco-flavored cartridge. The difference is that Mirage Black Ice has a special taste of mint, which imitates the flavor of popped tobacco.

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