Vaporizing Your Way To Success With the V2 E-Liquid By Charlie combustion

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The all new Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA combines the classic style of the original with advanced performance and power features for a more complete electronic experience. With the new “Deathadder” lineup of atomizers, the user has a bigger selection than ever before to choose from. The latest release in the Vaping World includes two new RDA’s: The Hellvape RDA- Duo Kit and the RDA-X. The new line up of atomizers is quite impressive and some may say that they are too advanced for their own good. If you are looking for a powerful but still all-around rda, then the Vaping World may want to check out the RDA-X. The RDA-X is the upgrade to the classic dead rabbit unit, boasting higher wattage and performance than the original.

dead rabbit v2

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA maintains the same high quality build of the original but with an increased wattage. The increase is mainly achieved through the increase in coils, which increase the vapor producing capability and lower the temperature it can safely reach. The dual/triple deck is also newly designed for the user’s optimum experience. The deck can be adjusted easily for even, low, or super-high airflow by changing the airflow through either side of the plate by flipping a switch. The two outer coils have a larger surface area of air than the single outer coil, providing a more consistent supply of vapor and flavor.

This new improved version of the original offers a more powerful vapor delivery system, including a honeycomb airflow design for incredible wispy clouds and sweet tastes. The three-layer deck is made of a strong yet malleable metal plate and consists of seven stainless steel coils. The main purpose of these coils is to help keep the vapor stable as it drifts down the throat of the device while creating a constant supply of sugary vapor for you to inhale. The deck design is similar to that of the original but the extra layer of stainless steel strengthens the structure and adds a bit more durability to the unit.

The main differences between the original and the new version are the temperature settings, airflow, and single or dual coil configurations. The temperature controls on the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 area are pre-set to your personal preferences and the dual and triple battery models are great for multiple vapes thanks to the extra large single coil builds. The single coil configurations are incredibly affordable, but do not offer as much vapor. The dual and triple battery models, however, offer a good mix of power and vapor.

The newest addition to the Hellvape lineup is the new Hellvape Dead Rabbit 2.0. Just like the original model, this version is built around a single cyclone deck and has dual adjustable airflow units. The biggest difference is in the build quality of each of the units. The dual top airflow unit has an internal fan that blows all of the hot air through the dual cyclops and to the outside of the glass. The honeycomb-shaped reservoir sits between the two cyclops for that extra measure of airflow.

The benefits of the new Hellvape dead rabbit 2.0 compared to the original dead rabbit is that it features a larger reservoir. This allows for a more stable vaping experience with less leakage. Also, the dual coil design makes this model a great all day vaper. The dual coil deck allows for easy wicking of the flavorful vapor from the outer surface of the glass to the insides of your mouth. The new double-walled reservoir has larger channels, which helps to increase walking.

The original Dead Rabbit was released nearly two years ago and was one of the most talked about e-juices at the time. This deck was a huge seller, as it offered a lot of benefits that other decks did not have at the time. The main benefit was the wide open airflow located on the front of the deck. This allowed for lots of vapors to be pulled into the coils without any obstacles in the way. The second major benefit was the backside air flow control, which greatly increased the efficiency of this e-liquid.

The newest version of the original dead rabbit vapor has taken the air flow control feature and made it even better. With the side airflow feature you can now maximize the efficiency of this product even more. You no longer need to worry about getting the coils too hot because they are now vented off to the sides. The larger channels on the front also help to get more flavor into the coils which will help your overall experience with this product to be very sweet. Vaping with the V2 definitely makes a very sweet deal.

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