Vape Opposite respiratory system health

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A new paper published in “Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine” shows that Vape (EC) emits aerosols Vapacige that are safer than the smoke of combustible cigarettes, and relevant evidence is also increasing.

The impact of Vape aerosol emissions on respiratory health: a narrative commentary led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Center of Excellence Institute (CoEHAR), aimed at promoting the University of Catania to reduce harm (Vape aerosol release on respiratory health Impact: A narrative review) has been published on Vape’s impact on the respiratory system to provide a critical assessment of the research.

“For smokers who want to take some health measures, this review shows that if they don’t want to quit or can’t quit smoking completely, switching to Vape is a very good choice Steam Crave. No one can prove that Vape is 100% safe. But all scientific research results show that Vape is safer than smoking,” Polosa said.

Dr Polosa added: “We agree with the Public Health Service of England and the Royal London Medical Association that it is reasonable to say that the risk of Vape is at least 95% lower than smoking vape kits, and the risk may be lower than smoking.”

According to the survey results vivismoke, the lack of clear and accurate reports of experimental research has brought chaos to the Vape belt industry, as well as risks and health problems.

“Millions of deaths from smoking represent an ongoing tragedy, which must be fully considered in reasonable risks.” Polosa said. “We believe that there is a lot of evidence that replacing cigarettes with Vape is an effective way to control cigarette use. Over the past few years, adult smokers have explained Vape less harmful than flammable cigarettes.”

The paper by Polosa et al. is the first attempt to provide a reliable reference to correct most misunderstandings and inform the public how to improve the personal and social health of smokers OBS Cube X Vw Mod. All smokers have the right to know these products, including their potential risks and benefits, and other real information.

The authors of this new study also found that smokers who use Vape instead of combustible cigarettes can effectively improve smoking symptoms (cough and expectoration) and reduce carbon monoxide emissions IJOY Shogun. These results are more beneficial for smokers who have completely converted from combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

For smokers with diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the use of Vape may be beneficial for these symptoms, but full use of Vape may have an impact on lung function. More data is needed to VOOPOO determine the effect.

Dr. Polosa concluded: “The development of the industry is an urgent need to be fully evaluated. Under normal conditions of use, Vape can have a more positive impact on human health, which is in line with science.”

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