To Vape newbies: Vape is not used like this!

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Under the continuous marketing of vape brands, more and more people have begun to have contact and new understanding of vape, and many smokers and friends have also started vaping. However, even in the current era of increasing popularity of vape, there are still many people who are not particular about the use of vape, thinking that vape is just a simple suction, and there is nothing to pay attention to IJOY vape Tank. As a result, the vape that I bought was damaged.

In fact, sometimes the vape purchased by smokers is damaged, not because the quality of the vape product itself is not good; more often, the smokers use the wrong way. Therefore, if smokers can circumvent the following problems during the vaping process, the longevity of v can be guaranteed to a large extent.

  1. Avoid sucking backwards, and don’t let the atomizer dry for a long time

Since there is no open flame in vape products, there is no need to worry about burning objects Eleaf Vape. Therefore, some smoker friends like to lie in bed and smoke, so that the tail of the electronic cigarette is raised high during use; or many smoker friends will habitually smoke continuously until the e-liquid is completely exhausted.

In fact, these are not good vaping habits!

This is because electronic cigarettes use an atomizer to atomize e-liquid to produce smoke to meet the smoking needs of users; inhaling and burning the e-liquid will cause the e-cigarette to burn the atomizer core due to dry burning. This will greatly affect the fullness of the atomization and the taste of the smoke after atomization, and will damage the atomization core IJOY Captain Resin TC Mod Kit. Therefore, the key to protecting the life of the vape is not to suck the vape backwards and to prevent the atomizer from being in a dry state for a long time.

  1. Avoid high temperature environment or direct sunlight

The component of the vape includes the battery. Therefore, smokers should avoid putting the vape in a high temperature environment during use, and should avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources, so as to avoid the battery explosion and spontaneous combustion due to excessive temperature!

Third, avoid prolonged charging

Nowadays, many vape products have a charging function; for the convenience of use, many smokers are used to charging at night, one charge is one night; and this method of use can easily cause damage to the battery of the electronic cigarette. Therefore, when charging the vape, it is best to control the charging time to about 4 hours to avoid long-term charging that affects the battery life.

In addition, it is best not to wait for the battery to run out before charging. Waiting until the battery is completely exhausted can easily cause the battery to be scrapped YOOZ Vape.

Fourth, avoid excessive dirt on the atomizer

After being atomized, the smoke oil will produce condensate and stay on the atomizer, and the condensate accumulated for a long time will condense into dirt and affect the normal use of the atomizer Smoant Vape. Therefore, in the process of using vape, smokers friends should also clean up the dirt formed by the condensate in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the atomizer.

In summary, if you are a novice vaping user, and have not paid attention to the above problems during the vaping process Advken OWL Tank 4ml 25mm. Then, I suggest that you start paying attention to it from now on! So as not to discount the life of your own vape products, or make your own vape experience worse when you use it!

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