New York Vape flavor ban will take effect on July 1

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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned flavored Vape products and abandoned alternatives that legalized hemp products. Now that the flavor and fragrance ban has been passed, New York has become the fourth state to implement such restrictions. Starting July 1, retailers in the state will ban the sale of electronic atomization products of […]

Vape Opposite respiratory system health

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A new paper published in “Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine” shows that Vape (EC) emits aerosols Vapacige that are safer than the smoke of combustible cigarettes, and relevant evidence is also increasing. The impact of Vape aerosol emissions on respiratory health: a narrative commentary led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Center of Excellence […]

It is temporarily unable to prove the conclusion that Vape causes lung cancer

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The use of vape and hookah pipes is an emerging trend, especially among the younger generation. Now, researchers warn that smoking Vape and smoking, whether using cigarettes, Vape or hookahs, will stiffen the arteries Eleaf Vape Tank, cause inflammation and damage DNA, leading to various health problems. The research team also found that Vape and […]

Understand the Vape Kits

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From this perspective, how Vape Kits should be implemented. Janaler George S. Patton once said that if you accept a challenge, you can enjoy the joy of victory. This makes me think deeply. Now, it is very, very important to solve the problem of Vape Kits YOOZ Vape Pod System. Therefore, I think this fact is […]

Practical advantages of vape

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Vape is durable, available in moderation, and within reach. It is not surprising that millions of smokers around the world finally have targeted IJOY Vape Mod. Have you ever wondered why these innovative devices are so popular now? When you read this article, you can get your own vaporizer. Advantages of the vaporizer on practicality […]

Why in the world VAPE severely limited?

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Recently, vape encountered severe restrictions around the world. On November 1, there was a document requires that all types of market entities should vape not sell to minors to include e-commerce platforms vape shops in time and remove vape products in time is pressing. Then all the major e-commerce platforms vape products are removed. The […]

Vape can be counted as cigarettes?

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In recent years, I do not know if you’ve found a lot of young people who hold  IJOY Captain Tank vape. I can not stand regular cigarettes, cool vape looks and beautiful! There is a point to beat hot: in fact, whether expenses primarily depends on face. However Advken vaping, many people who want to […]

To Vape newbies: Vape is not used like this!

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Under the continuous marketing of vape brands, more and more people have begun to have contact and new understanding of vape, and many smokers and friends have also started vaping. However, even in the current era of increasing popularity of vape, there are still many people who are not particular about the use of vape, […]

Anti-smoking researcher: banning e-cigarettes does not make sense

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Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a well-known cardiologist and anti-smoke researcher, talked about the status of e-cigarettes in India: Although research has shown the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool and India is one of the countries with the largest smoking population in the world, local lawmakers still Continue to fight for related smoking ban […]