Reports show that the majority vape users are former smokers

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According to vapingpost, a report recently released by the anti-smoking charity “Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)” shows that the amount of vape users within the UK has reached 3.6 million, which is about half the entire smokers, which shows that the majority vape users are all former smokers, and most of the people switch to vape so as to not smoke cigarettes IJOY Captain.

Eleaf Vape Tank ASH has been monitoring smoking and smoking trends since 2012, and its latest report shows that the utilization of vape helped another 70,000 people quit smoking in 2017. consistent with this data, the amount of vape users within the UK has increased from 700,000 in 2012 to three .6 million in 2019.

Among them: 54% of users have successfully quit cigarettes and switched to vape; 40% of users are still smoking cigarettes while using vape; 6% of users are currently not using either cigarette IJOY VAPE.

Professor Ann McNeill, who wrote a review of vape for Public Health England (PHE), acknowledged that it’s important that when vape are inhaled, don’t still smoke cigarettes. “The important thing is that each one vape users must stop using cigarettes completely, otherwise they’re going to still expose themselves to serious risks of illness and disability caused by smoking.” McNeill added, “vape aren’t without risks, but the risks are much lower. IJOY Mercury Vape Pod System Cigarettes, nearly 100,000 people within the UK die from cigarettes annually .”

At an equivalent time, because the 33rd person unfortunately died of a mysterious lung disease, which was associated with the vaporization of unlicensed THC and nicotine products within the us , PHE is assuring vape users within the uk that they’re Smoke’s position remains unchanged IJOY Mystique Tank.

PHE: Smoking isn’t without risks, but it’s safer than smoking

Consistent with McNeill’s comments, the PHE tweet acknowledged the importance of using the device only to scale back injuries. “Our advice on vape remains unchanged-vape aren’t completely risk-free, but they’re far less harmful than smoking. In any case, vape and cigarettes aren’t good for your health.”IJOY Captain 2 Mod.

IJOY Neptune In support of PHE’s tweets, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) also acknowledged that as long as you employ regulated products, you don’t need to worry about the vape lung disease that’s currently erupting within the us . The tetrahydrocannabinol liquid illegally sold by unregulated suppliers within the us . These “drugs” are well regulated and cracked down within the uk , therefore the recommendations from the Department of Public Health and NNA remain unchanged.”Total Words: 427

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