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The first step for a novice to enter the world of vape is very important. I probably spent more than a year going from a single electric box to a double electric box to a mechanical pole. From the finished oil storage atomizer to the Asmodus Vape RTA atomizer to the dripping atomizer, from playing electronic cigarettes alone to affecting dozens of people around to put down cigarettes, everyone’s economic situation and preferences are different, I Here is just to talk about my experience from vape novice to old player and vape recommendations suitable for novices:

  1. One box, 80 to 200 watt box is recommended yooz vape pod. Second suction is a good choice. The cks dagger dagger single electric box + Creto atomizer, at that time the dagger was quite popular as a novice single electric host. It is easy to carry, the appearance design is also good, the pressure and temperature control also comes with a mechanical mode, which can fully meet the needs of novices. The Creto atomizer, as an entry-level large smoke atomizer IJOY Advken OWL Tank, is characterized by large amount of smoke and low cost. However, the resolution power of the finished atomizer for e-liquid is always limited. After a month of use, it was replaced with a Merlin mini RTA atomizer and started a diy attempt.   
  2. finished atomizer, Avengers, Generals, Avengers 2 generation lung suction atomizer, just enter the pit and think about it
  3. the most important thing is smoke oil. In my opinion, severely addicted patients want to smoke tobacco-flavored vape more than the weird fruity flavor. Whether you like vape at the first puff depends largely on the vape The quality and taste of the smoke oil are directly recommended, the motorcycle gold award series, the Halo smoke oil series, the 526 tobacco series and the Little Red Riding Hood Black Star. Each brand has a corresponding blending flavor. Personally recommend the motorcycle Lucky 13, Halo’s 15th Ren and Tribeca, as well as No. 5 and No. 2 tobacco.

Of course, if you usually like to smoke mint-flavored cigarettes and you are not very addicted, there are many types you can try. For this kind of friends, I generally recommend a tube of purple duck (Malay oil is not bad). Slowly get used to it, you can try red wine ice, grapefruit ice, lychee ice, red wine ice is recommended, very good.

  1. The number of milligrams of nicotine is the key to addiction, but many people who first smoked vape could not accept 6 mg of e-liquid (a few friends I recommended had very strong reactions), so you can buy a bottle of 3㎎ and A bottle of 6㎎, the first compartment of the entry is 3㎎, then 6㎎, step by step, and then slowly decrease from the high nicotine number to 0 mg IJOY Vape System. I believe that the pleasure brought by the smoke will quickly make you forget cigarettes.  
  2. some fools of the atomizer should pay attention to points, 1, a brand new atomization core, please leave it for at least 2 minutes after filling the oil, so that the cotton can fully absorb the smoke oil without causing a sticky core. 2. Remember to check if the air inlet is open after filling the oil. 3. The power used for the first time is 39 watts, and after adaptation, 50 to 60 watts is enough. (Only for Avenger 1, 2 generation atomizers with 0.2 ohm resistance)   
  3. the above are probably some suggestions for beginners, please ignore the old guns.The pressure regulating equipment is almost played. I have tried various types of atomizers. I started to be curious about the last field of vapes. I heard that people who have used mechanical rods do not want to use the box anymore, but they are shocked to see the news of various mechanical rod explosions IJOY Captain Resin TC Mod Kit. Compared with the pressure regulating device, the output of the mechanical rod gives me the greatest feeling of nature. The output of the pressure regulating device is relatively hard. The characteristic of the mechanical rod is that it ignites quickly, and the output is soft, natural and smooth. It is recommended to master the DIY skills of the atomizer before using the mechanical rod. It is best to use a good heating wire and test it on the box before using it on the rod. Genuine batteries with guaranteed quality must be used. Clearly understand the working principle of the pole and the knowledge of Ohm’s law, safety first.

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