It is temporarily unable to prove the conclusion that Vape causes lung cancer

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The use of vape and hookah pipes is an emerging trend, especially among the younger generation. Now, researchers warn that smoking Vape and smoking, whether using cigarettes, Vape or hookahs, will stiffen the arteries Eleaf Vape Tank, cause inflammation and damage DNA, leading to various health problems.

The research team also found that Vape and smoking may increase the risk of people infected with Covid-19 suffering more severe symptoms and death as a result. As outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), compared with non-smokers, Vape and waterpipe smoking may increase the burden of symptoms caused by Covid-19, including receiving intensive care Timesvape Dreamer Mod, the need for mechanical ventilation and the health effects of severe illness.

The research was published in the European Heart Journal.

They added that because smoking itself is a recognized risk factor for respiratory infections and increases the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases and other previous diseases YOOZ Vape Pod, it may make Covid-19 patients more prone to severe symptoms, leading to increased deaths.

The team includes experts from the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany Asmodus Vape Mod, the University of Mainz in Germany, the University of Massachusetts Medical School and University College London.

They compared the effects of Vape and smoking on human health and the functions of the cells lining the blood vessels (endothelial). It provides an overview of the existing evidence about the harmful chemicals produced and the mechanisms by which smoking and smoking affect the human body IJOY Vape Kits. The researchers also studied the effects of each drug on medical diseases such as stroke, heart attack and lung cancer.

Studies have shown that the number of users of Vape and water pipes has increased sharply. Among them, Vape was the most commonly used smoking product in the United States in 2014 (the use increased by 9 times from 2011 to 2015), and global sales are expected to reach US$26.84 billion by 2023 s level. In addition, the prevalence of waterpipe use is worrying, ranging from 2.1% to 44.0% in the United States, 11.6% to 40.1% in the United Kingdom Vaping Shop, and 20.0% to 28.9% in Germany.

The review graded the research to provide strong, good, or moderate evidence about the harms of the three types of smoking and nebulization. They found that multiple good studies show that, overall, cigarettes are more harmful than Vape. However, there are few studies on the adverse effects of waterpipe and Vape on endothelial dysfunction, and a large number of large-scale studies have not been conducted, so the evidence is variable.

The research team said that more research is needed to understand the long-term effects of hookah and Vape.

However IJOY Mercury Vape, they wrote that waterpipe smoking is not more harmful than smoking and therefore cannot be considered a healthy option. The research team said that compared with smoking, the amount of smoke emitted from water pipes is larger and may even cause more exposure to toxic substances. In general , the increase in Vape and hookah use is worrying.

According to the analysis, compared with non-smokers, cigarettes increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by 704% (good level of evidence), waterpipe increases by 218% (strong), and Vape increases by 194% (good) ); Cigarettes and water pipes increase the risk of lung cancer by 1,210% (strong) and 122% (strong) respectively. Vape’s level of evidence is insufficient to draw reliable conclusions.

The review stated that compared with non-smokers, cigarettes increased the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by 704%, hookah increased by 218%, and Vape increased by 194%.

The research team also analyzed the degree to which three smoking techniques make arterial stiffness IJOY Mystique Mesh, which is an important prognostic indicator of the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Compared with non-smokers, cigarettes increased arterial stiffness by 10%, water pipes by 9%, and Vape by 7% (the level of evidence for these three is moderate).

The first author of the paper, Professor Thomas Thomas, Department of Cardiology, University of Mainz Medical Center, said that these three smoking and smoking methods will lead to an increase in the production of oxygen free radicals such as superoxide in blood vessel tissues. This breaks down the nitric oxide released by the endothelium, which is important for helping blood vessels dilate and preventing inflammation and clogged arteries.

Researchers say the main toxic chemicals in Vape steam include formaldehyde and acrolein, as well as chemicals called transition metals and volatile organic compounds (VOC), all of which can damage cells.

In contrast, cigarettes and waterpipes contain a much more complex mixture of harmful chemicals and other substances. Waterpipes contain solid particles, mainly from the charcoal used to burn tobacco. This also exists with a lower IJOY Neptune Starter Kit cigarette smoke concentration.

They say that nicotine is present in all three tobacco products, is addictive, and is responsible for harmful biological effects and to a lesser extent certain beneficial effects.

Professor Münzel said that these differences and the overlapping characteristics of toxic compounds may be the key to understanding the similarities and differences between smoking and smoking on health, which should be further studied in detail through further research.

Based on their findings, the experts concluded that there is no doubt that quitting smoking is IJOY Mod and will remain the most effective way to prevent cardiovascular and respiratory diseases caused by smoking.

The research team warned that this may be even more important given the Covid-19 pandemic, as the use of tobacco products may increase the risk of Covid-19-related cardiovascular disease and other serious complications for smokers and smokers.

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