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Vapeciga vaporesso gen mod adjustable coil storage tank for its GTX coil favorite. Delve But let us review GTX One more.

No doubt GTX coil popular because it tastes. But so far, the coil has been limited to this sheath system Vaporesso. In addition, with the traditional style of the tank is Vaporesso GTX answer to everyone’s dreams? 40W mod or have adapted to the internal battery of 2000 mAh, stopped a little short of the mark? Discover and learn in this review of Vaporesso GTX One.

The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included with Vaporesso GTX kit.

Vaporesso filling GTX One
1x Vaporesso GTX A Mod
1x Vaporesso GTX deposits bubble 18, 3ml (TPD 2 ml)
1x GTX mesh coil 0.8Ω
1x GTX mesh coil 1.2Ω
1x straight glass tube
1x Bag O-ring section
1x USB Cable C
1x user manual

Vaporesso typical packaging style, color and packaging options selected reflect the color image GTX Vaporesso One. In addition to a laminated picture GTX needed before most of the space. While the side that shows the key elements of Vaporesso GTX as an icon. Also at the rear is the specification, content, logos compliance warnings from the government and authenticity checker.

Removing the lid reveals show new swag mod and mesh coil 0.8Ω preinstalled, sitting on a plastic inlay. While sitting in the side is a glass tube to the right and substituting 2 ml O-ring. Also under the inlay it is a USB-C cable coil 1.2Ω GTX mesh and manual.

Although the GTX one equipped with a tank weighs only 118.6g, mod was still strong, but not strong as PM80 finish line. However GTX still feels like a device you’ll be glad to take home with you. Although time will tell how the chrome finish has a capacity for everyday use and abuse.

Of course, as a cowl front chromium formed as part of a larger, which joins an impressive flat line. The next button afford it and respond without feeling too plasticky. But the C-USB port on the front of the mod is a little uncomfortable, but more on that later.

Although the LCD is easy to read, it is not strong, or less well. In addition to providing fonts and icons they are not as well equipped as PM80 goal. This situation has led to the emergence and GTX Vaporesso one looks a little dated. It also houses an internal LCD screen and tilt and although only a few are still visible.

Visual Vaporesso chrome finish vaporesso target click in similar mod. In addition, the tank after the first inspection is left clean and odor of the manufacturing process. However, if cleaning is recommended in depth.

In the same way, out of the tank and ends well when there is little knurled However, it was also cut. Despite the absence of smooth air flow control ring knurled decent easy to use. Be cut holes clean air flow inlet 5 be either fully open or fully closed.

Deposit dimension of 127.5 GTX Vaporesso equipped for mod higher than the basic model at the top end of the drops. In addition GTX A breadth and depth mod 22.7mm 29.3mm from front to back.

Vaporesso GTX One is at 5 measurement, click the shutter. In addition to pressing the shutter button three times quickly to block GTX One. Prevent accidental configuration changes. To unlock repeat the process.

In addition, holding both up and down at the same time to open the settings menu. This allows the user to change the mode of the vaporizer GTX One. But unlike the latest version of Vaporesso, instead of fighting for breath. Oh dear! LOL.

Set default when the gtx vape get code mode allows the user to select the desired output power of 0.1 watts gradually turns. It allows the refinement of the vaporizer experience.

While the GTX Vaporesso internal battery is 2000 mAh, the economic good of the battery with the supplied coil. Moreover, with the indoor coil requires less energy than the others in the line GTX, the battery life on a typical day. But, as usual, it depends on personal use. But with GTX More MTL led vaping, MTL most users will be satisfied with their performance.

Although determined by the level of charge via the USB connector 5V 2A-C. But I get Vaporesso GTX A 5.08V 1.53A with the cost, which was a bit disappointing. In addition, the USB-C placement in front of a large device with the back facing the cable. In addition, this makes the remote device or the other side or on the side during loading. Therefore, you can display the current state of charge a little uncomfortable. But it is not a determining factor.

Although the method of removing the filler cap on the top and all super easy in vapeciga vaporesso zero. But it can be a bit uncomfortable and would like to see either the style rear bayonet or by pressing the top cover. Especially in times of unscrewing the cap, the reservoir can start unscrewing. Therefore, the tank must be tightened. This can cause the tank bolted to mod, and it is difficult to remove. But one of the benefits of removing the top cover is that each bottle size E-liquid can be used

Vaporesso GTX A replacement tank coil 18
Although the use of traditional tank GTX Vaporesso easy prey for changing the coil as a single dose Vaporesso system. In addition to changing the coil remains the method of “Plug N Play” to enter. However, still can not change the coil with a large number of e-liquid is left. However, the old reel, the new first coil put some e-liquid in the coil, and the key to decrease every hole is removed. Now the new coil will appear to the basket and its contents if necessary. Besides leaving a roll stand for a while to ensure that the appropriate saturated. In general, I prefer to leave 10-15 minutes, then the vaporizer.

GTX mesh coil 0.8Ω 12W-20W

No doubt GTX axis 0.8Ω 70VG mesh well, but chose not chained vaped. Furthermore, they have less air coils. In addition about 3 1/2 hole in the air flow control is very suitable for this coil independently PG e-liquid content. In addition, when vaped to 18.5W and lemon meringue 70VG e-liquid flavor profile does a reasonable job. But not crazy. But when vaped seasoned with salt Nic Peach 20mg e-liquid flavor much better.

Supported by the chipset is not specified, the vaporesso luxe click in offers the following levels of protection mod.

10s overtime protection – Protection against accidental shootings continue.
Low-resistance protection – Avoid growing when they violate the coil or attached.
resistance high protection – Fire prevention when the coil resistance is too high.
No load protection – Avoid shooting when the tank if installed.
Short circuit protection – a form of overcurrent protection.
Low voltage protection – Prevent the battery level is reduced to the point of no return.
Discharge protection – the same low voltage, but rather indicates low power.
load protection – Protect your device and battery to excessive harmful.
USB input Protection – prevents damage to the high voltage stop the charging process.

Although LCDs are looking dated and uncomfortable bite clutter your method. GTX Vaporesso One largely a step in the right direction for those who want sheath device. But love Vaporesso GTX MTL coil. In addition, the device is most suitable for electronic liquid containing 50 pg.

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