Comment with Smok Nord Pod System Kit : The benefits of Smok Nord coils

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Comments vapeciga smok nord and quote “Innovation is changing the vaping experience.”

North Smok hand check X Kit
Perhaps it was an attempt to strengthen market leadership in the field of innovation, even if they appear to be changing innovation rather than bring something new to the table.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep confusion to a minimum in this review. My brain hurts a little to try to compete with all the pod out of the system lol!

Let’s be honest. always leads to the inevitable scratching pods head, coils and backward compatibility. So what we can do is focus on the latest update of the popular series device sheath North.

There is another word for innovation, restructuring is an example. This certainly applies to North Smok outer sheath kit X.

As the Board of Directors and, most importantly, taste and steam production and all with the letter X?

Smok says it represents infinity, perfection and are likely to increase.

We know that if North Smok X Pod Kit of words.

What can we expect from North Smok X Pod Kit?
Life began as North Smok device with a powerful battery of 1100 mAh, the device marketed specifically for users of MTL. Stimulated came a little would have called Smok Norte 2.

The playback screen of the vapeciga smok fetch , and shine IP67 add the same “test” Smok found similar kits, for example.

While North Smok kit uses 2 pod and pod NORTH RPM, the latest addition to the focus on the family and the new cover of RPM RPM2, both of which are designed to vaping lungs directly.

Surprisingly, Smok decided to run with the same battery capacity than its predecessor. If this will have an impact on performance? It is for me to inform you of this review.

Before you actually investigate the exam, the letter X to give importance to Smok because it represents ten years of manufacturing in the vaping industry.

Needless to say, they celebrate in their own style by releasing another pod, Smok Pozz X.

In the frame
North Smok X Kit Unboxing
North device X (1500mAh)
Pod RPM (RPM networks supported coil included)
RPM2 Pod (RPM2 0.16ohm compatible networks including coil)
USB charging cable type C
user’s Guide
Warranty card
The third interpretation of the series of North won a slight increase in height with a little belly fat is discarded.

Only a means of propagation, which includes lol years!

Size 31 x 23 x 100 mm
96 g weight
Watt, 5-60W
The input voltage 3.3 V – 4.2 V
The output voltage is 0.5V – 4.0V
Resistance range 0.2 – 3.0ohm
load current 1.2A (max)
main feature

Vapwciga smok rpm40 is available in eight models of different colors are very bright and flashy.

US standard editions and full capacity of the two pods, while the version of the EU TPD consists of two pods 2 ml.

IP67 rating means that the device can be soaked in water to a depth of one meter for anything up to 30 minutes. It is also resistant to shock and so strong dust, durable and resistant to shocks, shocks, wheels, including those coming from dominated front. (Reference)

Type C, charging means less time waiting for the vaporizer. When plugged into the USB port, the screen displays the current status of the load percentage.

Finally, two teeth RPM allows rapid changes of style vaping allow user switching between taste in an instant .. or the click of a gondola.

No Smok without fire
Standard safety features have been incorporated into the board.

recognition of the atomizer
in heat protection
Eight second cut
short circuit protection
low battery warning
Design and build quality
battery portion
Without measures battery installed sheath 78 mm x 31 mm x 23.5 mm.

Vapeciga smok mag p3 on the side of the battery

I feel strong and durable and taken reassuring hand when held.

North Smok X USB Pod Kit Waterproof
One side of the OLED display house battery 0.96 inches. Although the monochrome text display is crisp, clear and bright and make them easier to read smaller numbers.

front panel to the north of the X-Pod Kit
The kit North Smok X pod is based on the arrangement with double set of air flow to 9.5 mm, the Cyclops shaped openings to hit the side of the coil.

How to make North Smok X Pod Kit
Even two vertically mounted menu buttons located below the main screen waterproof – good Smok touch!

Press the shutter button five times quickly on / off
Press the shutter button three times quickly to lock / unlock the device
Front panel of North shutter button X Pod Kit
Although quite small menu button is still quite easy to work.

side panels matching color strength resin and showing strong stain and complex details.

How to recognize the state of smok nord2 pods show new, high release button and the host read to play a single white LED indicates the status of the unit.

Twice – the device is locked
Three – low voltage (3.1 V below), the on /
Four – resistance of the coil is too low, too high or not detectable atomizer
Lima – detected a short, time is more than eight seconds vaping
Fifteen – Low battery
Smok sheath magnetic contacts Mord kit X
sheaths connection / coil is achieved by two spring contacts gold plating on the battery.

A rubber ring protects juice leaks in the printed circuit board. It was another nice touch!

Smok pods North X
Two funnel famous peak rpm and teeth marks welcome classic duck (or unpleasant) again. Areas consists of a hard plastic clear observation PCTG affected.

It’s probably a good idea to complete to avoid dry cotton pods them, nobody likes a thud smok rpm 40 show new.

This identity making the sensor is used with names engraved silicone but there are other ways to identify them.

Four magnetic contacts are inserted into the bottom corner of the platform, aligned with those of the battery section.

Pods still must fit, but make no movement of the magnet during use. It is unlikely that hunting if the device is accidentally dropped.

Unlike points
In order to break (or if your vision is like mine!) It’s hard to see something different RPM of the two sheaths.

The first difference can be found with the size of the opening in the funnel.

Kit comparing the North Smok X Pod 1
RPM was sheath. right sheath RPM2
RPM2 coil pod housing is significantly greater than the RPM platform, too.

sheath ratio 2
RPM was sheath. right sheath RPM2
How the North Smok X Pod Kit Do?
Starting the test using the coil mesh 0.40ohm RPM RPM with a boat having an output power of 25W recommended.

The coils use backup SMOK RPM 80 Pro click in, always much steam production satisfactory water (70VG / 30pg). very smooth, quiet and free turbulent inhalation.

vaporizer experience always delivered fresh every time.

They gladly spent more wisely jangly power if I have not had a snap, even when the chain vaping.

It is good to remember the reel began to leak quite heavy when pushed beyond their comfort zone 25W.

In general, network 0.4ohm coil RPM limit is capable of providing effective pulmonary vape medium immediately. Yes, it lacks some clarity and vigor compared to other barriers reels, but still do the job.

North Tuxedo X 0.16ohm RPM2 mesh coil (25-50W Rated 40W)
I can test the new tank mesh coil pineapple beer great success, the report 70VG / 30pg another.

There are differences between the time two pods, which is a direct experience of the lungs are much more open with very few restrictions.

0.16ohm mesh coil RPM2
producing steam at 40 W is very satisfactory and free turbulent.

I saw the impressive fusion of fruit with pineapple and grapefruit are plentiful in the same size. The taste remains constant through breathing and leaves a pleasant feeling, I have come to associate with the profile and liquid.

A coil as with the network, this addition to the new smok mag grip get code sheath are also prone to leakage when pushed beyond the recommended power settings.

Ergonomic Pod Kit Pocket
The two coils produce good taste and constant steam production
screen bright light
Easy to use silicon plug
A 6 ml filled pods minimum capacity
The coils are executed when a higher power vaped
You can not block or re-watt blow against
the screen is easily scratched
Select a very small menu button (subjective)
The structure of the airflow is possible that some fraudsters

final opinion verdict
Battery Part X of the North
I managed to get eight hours mesh 1500mAh use 0.4ohm coil. Not bad!

0.16ohm mesh coil that was so advantageously allows six hours of vaping to 40W. Must take into account the additional power drawn in the lower hold.

It takes 70 minutes to charge the batteries completely discharged through the USB Type C For those who have no secondary device, you can vape while charging.

parts of North Smok X Pod
A pleasure silicone cover worked gave me no trouble at all. This important and strong so it is more than capable of handling all the impatience of my lol!

In fact, I have no problems filling pod, even when pushed for time.

The windows provide clear pods have worked a treat and there is a deposit just leave “out of sight” in emergency situations between charges.

Many new vapeciga smok trinity alpha tank want to control your daily intake and progress, there is no opportunity to reset the counter breathing.

North Smok X Coils
As regards to the new coil network, I do not feel it was quite sheath RPM2 justice … why?

For direct lung addition to the classic vape it is not better than 0.4ohm coil RPM networks are established.

Pod Kit with pods and coils respectively
Do not misunderstand. flavor production and the cloud of the two is good, but usually not misconduct (leakage) under the requirements of a higher power.

0.16ohm mesh coil RPM2 slightly only to taste, but the difference is really negligible. I’m anxious to see that much difference between them to produce clouds.

There are also other things to consider using the new coil. If vaping threads coil 50W 1500mAh battery RPM 0.16ohm discharged fast enough internal.

Furthermore, the low battery warning battery be recorded even with a load of the remaining 35%.

This suggests that the battery capacity is more potent necessary to handle the additional power requirements of the new coil. You really should consider to increase the capabilities of the watt device.

Leaves the vapeciga smok nfix pods of the North me with a head scratching several questions.

Where is the line between the pod system is designed for new users? Is there really a category like Vaper pod?

North Smok X Pod kit would have the secondary vibration about it. It is impossible for those who are already comfortable with the pod system, wants to see what it has to do with vaping lungs directly. Without the need for airflow controlled menu screen or convoluted.

In conclusion, despite the generally good overall performance innovative enough to make the device stand out from the crowd it evolved from a pod of the camera.

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