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Hello ECF

Today exam will be in the vapeciga vaporesso gen 220w.

Some of the specifications of Vaporesso website (link GEN S “Vaporesso)

In the frame:

1 x mod GEN S
Tank 1 × NRG-S (8 ml)
1 × GT4 mesh coil
1 × GT mesh coil
1 × additional glass tube (5 ml)
4 x O-ring
Micro USB cable 1 ×
User Manual 1 x
Warranty Card x 1

Vaporesso really improved packaging with this kit. Before it was always quite difficult to open the lid of the box, such as the box is so tight. Now open very easily.

Removing the cover indicates that the swag kits show new and NRG 0.18Ω preassembled network coil sitting on a plastic inlay. While embedding is under glass replacement, replacement of the O-ring, Micro USB type B, GT4 coil and manual 0.15Ω Mesh cable.

No doubt Vaporesso GEN S looking smart and light kit. Furthermore, the side panel of honeycomb coated with rubber grip is very good. Apart from color gradient panels in line with the rest of the mod.

While GEN S Vaporesso battery with a full tank and e-liquid two-18650 269g weight. mod is a sturdy secure in the hand and feels like it could withstand everyday use.

But while battery Ferrage without moving the hollow mod to remove the requirement slightly larger battery door.

This mod little to start, 107 grams without the battery was light as a feather compared to my other target pm80 pod click in. In addition, it is small enough to double Pleasant 18,650 boxes. Although primarily plastic, it feels very comfortable in hand. side models offer a very good grip and not slippery at all. edges are ergonomic well rounded.

Navigation through the device easily, like the fact that there are three navigation buttons, which in the middle to “confirm”. Go to the menu in 3 clicks (which on this button serves to hold the confirmation as well) on the confirmation button and then the problem by using the up and down. Navigation buttons are well placed, and do not rattle. shutter button is also located and a good fire, which does not sound a bit much. What also like to see me button metal fire more exclusive atmosphere, now it feels a little cheap. They do not have many problems with the navigation buttons, because they are smaller.

On the main screen, who lost her breath, to see it, you have to go to a place where you can view and restore. It was probably because of the smaller screen and limited space. A good addition is that you can adjust the brightness of the screen.

The ECO mode it gives 10% more battery life, blushes 270 70 240 ECO watts against burst mode on a regular basis DIY watts. One feels minimal decrease in performance in ECO mode. Automatic is also the vaporesso gtx get code cold enough power, it is automatically set to ECO when the battery level drops below a certain level.

I find some unnecessary modes such as SP in this mode, a wider range of 0.03Ω resistance 5Ω, which is adapted to the tank main RDA will support. I do not see the low resistance vape like me, so do not use a lot of it, and I think most Vapers not vaporizer low resistance for the whole box mod.

shutter speed is amazing, really fast and hits hard. VWH useful if you want to have a hard blow VWS direct or if you want to take it easy.

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense is not a double-battery indication, which is not quite sure whether the same battery discharged. Because every time you get below 25%, which may be a weak battery is difficult to stop quickly because the battery is completely discharged. This is probably the greatest blow I have for this device.

A major drawback of this tank is that it has a 510-driptip, as I would have expected 810 with more power coils. Vapeciga renova zero vape one feels is more concentrated and hotter in some cases concentrated, and dripping from the tip and a smaller fireplace. 810 would be a good Vape lot, I think.

ring airflow becomes smooth, but I have a feeling that the weapons could have been bigger. This tank will not provide fresh air flow. Especially in combination with a small fireplace. Perhaps if the chimney will be bigger and drops tip 810, which will be better. Also depends on the coil is sufficiently strong airflow. With double mesh coil GT4 was more powerful than the GT mesh.
Coil options there, most of the usual round wire mesh and ceramic. In the kit, you get a GT and GT4 mesh network, so that is the roll I’ve tried. I do not know why, but GT4 brown cotton mesh, also in additional coil package when I arrived. Probably because most are made from wood pulp, but other brands woodpile brown coil.
this coil is not working properly, the taste was fantastic as GT GT4. Do you think in GT4 mesh (double) a little better, but still they prefer coil GT (single). The reason is that he feels vaporizer and refined for air flow and a small fireplace. Two coils provide large, dense cloud, of course, depends on the strength of your vaping.

NRG-S is usually a large tank which gives an excellent flavor and dense clouds. With a capacity of 8 ml it is not necessary to be busy filling frequently. They tons of choice for tanks made several coil vapers. The disadvantages are 510 vaporesso luxe 220w pod kit , small fireplace and my little airflow is restricted.


Gen S

  • ergonomic
  • Small and lightweight
  • is stored in the battery door very good place
  • Many of the function / mode
  • Fire quickly
  • Overall design looks simple but nice
  • ECO is a nice addition and gives the battery life by 10%
  • Easy to navigate
  • A small, but the screen is clear and bright


  • 8 ml capacity
  • flavor and dense cloud of very good
  • Rechargeable Easy
  • Option coil
  • easy to disassemble
  • Bolt rolls to facilitate replacement


Gen S

  • a metal shutter button can most stringent
  • In the TC that you can not see the level of VW, had to go up and down to view and adjust
  • puff counter lost on the main screen
  • There are no indications of a double battery


  • 510-driptip and small chimney
  • Air flow can be more flexible

Thanks for reading, be careful!

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