AEGis Boost Pod Mod – What Are The Features Of This Product?

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aegis boost pod mod

The Vandy Vaportech AEGIS B Seriespod Mod is simply one of several new vaporizer units from Vandy, which have just recently been introduced. The company is primarily best known for their delicious and award-winning gum. But now, they’ve brought out a new concept that’s a perfect companion to their gum. If you enjoy the flavor of a nice gummy bear but don’t want to swallow a big chunk of flavored gum, this product might be perfect for you. It is a small device, which looks a lot like a pen on a sleek and futuristic design. It has a rechargeable battery, a cool futuristic design, a smooth futuristic handle, and a powerful, although not as powerful, microwave.

The unique thing about this particular AEGis Boost Pod Mod is that it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of power when you need to use your mod. It charges via a micro USB port on the bottom of the mod. The mod can be used on a standard desk lamp or even a laptop! It also has a charging port on its side, which is a nice feature for charging other items while the AEGis Boost Pod Mod is charging.

Another amazing feature of the AEGis Boost is that it works with a standard version of the Thermax fuel tank. The great thing about the AEGis Boost is that it doesn’t make a mess of your tank. This tank is a standard sized rectangular shape that goes in the back of your throat. This design is very convenient since it keeps your mod hidden out of sight. When it comes to battery life, the AEGis Boost Pod Mod offers a bit of a letdown. Although it offers a decent amount of wattage, it falls short of the standard model, which boasts a ridiculous 7W of wattage.

The aegis vaporizer, which you can buy separately, offers a similar degree of wattage as the vandy brew, but it comes with a whole new evaporator. You see, instead of being a typical mod, the aegis vaporizer has a heating element that sits atop a glass worktop. This heating element provides a unique “breathing” experience for your vapors, which is something a lot of people have commented on. The heat source inside this mod also allows the unit to use a standard vandy battery, so it makes a very smart decision to invest in this AEGis Boost Pod Mod.

The AEGis Boost Pro, like the Vandy Craft Vaporizer, also has a heating element, but it also uses a unique rechargeable battery. This AEGis Boost Pod Mod also allows for a high power output, but since it utilizes a non-standard internal battery, you won’t be able to take a lot of deep flights with it. That being said, it does make a great portable unit, and it can definitely support some modding. On the other hand, if you do like to take flights a lot, or if you travel a lot with your AEGis Boost Pod Mod, you might find that a different type of internal battery would be more suited to your needs. However, most AEGis Boost Pods can support a high power output, and standard AEGi can handle about 400 rounds of continuous firing without a problem. If you want a more powerful unit, you can look into the AEGi mods for your Vandy Craft Vaporizer, where they support a much higher power output than the AEGis Boost Pod.

Just like the Vandy Craft Vaporizer, the AEGis Boost Pod also has a silicone ring on the bottom, which aids in the heat conduction. The good thing about the silicone ring is that it also has a built-in temperature control – just like the actual AEGis Boost Pro, which is a nice feature to look for when buying a mod. The AEGis Boost Pro is a popular product, so this ring is an inexpensive upgrade from the original AEGi. The silicone makes a good seal around the tube, making a good heat dissipation unit.

A new feature found on the AEGis Boost Pod is a variable wattage output, which is a must have. As a matter of fact, most AEGi’s do not come with a built in wattage meter, which makes controlling your own wattage a pain in the butt. The variable wattage function of the aegis boost lets you use less or more wattage depending on your needs, and it is a nice feature that you won’t find on many AEGi’s.

As mentioned earlier, you can save money and get a really cool looking mod if you purchase the aegis boost 40w kit. When using these AEGis Boost Pods, you get the benefit of dual voltage output, a built in microprocessor, and variable wattage and airflow. This unit does not come with an LCD screen, but that’s okay because you will not need one. You can always connect a screen if you wanted one.

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